Who We Are

Hi there!!!  *waves* I'm Heather.
I'm a flip flop wearing, red Mary Jane stiletto loving, coffee drinking, monster cookie making, small town marketing professional who used to be a waitress at a local diner. I have an obsession with good food, exceptional bake goods and local wine. I also come complete with a husband whom I have known for 10 years and the most adorable little girl whom put more Magnificent Mayhem in my life than I some days know what to do with. When I am not busy working, trying to stay on top of two blogs and being a mom, I can usually be found in my kitchen with my beloved red mixer whipping up some tasty treat.

And, this...this blog is the closest thing I will probably ever have to a real brick and mortar bakery. I've always wanted to run a bakery. Well, an in my mind it is more like an establishment that serves "bar" food (wings, mozz sticks, poppers, french fries), killer burgers and fancy grilled cheese sandwiches (because I LOOOOOOVVEEE grilled cheese sandwiches), beer, local wine (duh! I live in the heart of Finger Lakes Wine Country) and my desserts. An ever changing assortment of my delectable baked goods. Why would I want to do this you ask? Because, I can bake. And, I'm good at it. And, people tell me all the time I should sell my goodies. (and, I can cook too!)

My philsophy on life is really simple. I think everyone should eat 4 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. I believe that everything happens for a reason, that is important to be polite, that kindness and compassion go a long way and that sometimes it’s ok to say things to others that they might not want to hear.So, pull of a seat (just be careful my daughter's Morris or Murphy kitty isn't curled up in it), let me get you a cup of coffee and help yourself to the cookies over there on the counter and


*jumps up and down* and, I'm Molly.  
Heather's younger sister by 12 years. It was my going off to college that sparked the whole idea of  The Townsend Bakery.  But, this is probably the only place you will see that admitted. 
Let's see....I'm a sneaker-wearin' college junior chem major waitress who loves soccer, writing, family, and a bit of Mayhem in my life. I come with tangible Focus, an over-active imagination, odd eccentricities, old habits, weird colloquialisms, and an over-caffeinated brain on over-drive. I try to limit myself to doing that here, so if your day has a need for any of the above, you can find me full time at The Wandering Sagittarius. Molly Louise. And I'm currently living in Wales.
Oh - and becareful of the cookies....they're addicting.