Sandwiches for Supper

At least once a week we have something just a simple as a sandwich for supper. Or, Dinner. Madaline waffles back and forth between calling it Dinner and Supper. You can even call it the evening meal if you'd like to get really fancy about it.
Some weeks they are made with leftovers - as in last night we had grilled ham and cheddar sandwiches since I'd made a ham for dinner on Sunday. Another favorite is chicken salad. Most of the time if I'm going to roast a chicken, I roast two at once. Once for dinner and one for a pot of soup and some sandwiches later in the week. It takes no more time or effort to roast two than it does one - as my roasting pan easily accommodates two beautifully plump birds at a time. NOM NOM

Oh...and grilled cheese. Hands down my favorite sandwich on the planet. I love grilled cheese sandwiches so much that I could eat one every day for the rest of my life and never grow tired of it. The possibilities are endless - all the different kinds of breads and cheeses. *drool* My husband and my daughter really are traditionalists when it comes to their grilled cheeses. Just bread and either American or Cheddar cheese. On the weeks that our weekly sandwich is just grilled cheese, I usually splurge for some special bread out of the bakery. And, so, to make it special, the last few times I've made them with a thick sliced farm style bread - the crusts get all crispy while the middle is toasted and soft. So yummy.
Having something as filling and as satisfying as a sandwich for dinner is an easy way to stretch your dinner budget. It pairs well with some a steamed veggie or any in season raw fruit or veg served on the side. You could even have a picnic in your living room. How can you go wrong by bring a little bit of summer into winter complete with a big blanket, a killer sandwich and maybe some macaroni salad and chips? The possibilities are endless. And, it really doesn't get any easier on a busy week night than a sandwich for supper.

I'm always looking for new ideas - So, tell me....what are your favorite sandwiches?


  1. We use our George Foreman a lot of panini sandwhiches with whatever lunch meat and cheeses we have in the house. Everyone's is customzied to what topping, cheese, and meat, hubby cooks them up, and we're off! We usuauly have can of soup with them or macaroni salad. It's a commony Weekend lunch meal for us! I love sandwiches. Ocasially I pick up ham salad for it!

  2. We did soup and grilled cheese last night!!!