Menu Plan Monday: January 2nd - January 9th


What a CWAZY last few weeks it has been. In case you hadn't guessed already, I always take the week off from blogging between Christmas & New Years. I'm on vacation that week and really try my hardest to focus on my family. Madaline had an exceptional Christmas which ushered in an amazing week full of good good food and family. Our family celebrated my Grandmother's 85th birthday - which meant that family members from both near and far gathered as only we know how. Lots of food plus cookies, cookies and more cookies, copious pots of coffee, HUGE dinners and lots of laughter. It was an amazing week. Sadly, I have no photos to document the week. I was so busy enjoying myself, that I never took it out. That to me is the sign of a rockin' good time.

One of the best perks of the last week? I didn't cook. Not once. And, so, I had to brush the dust off my pots & pans as I spent most of the afternoon yesterday in the kitchen making a Sunday dinner of epic proportions. I decided, since it was the least expensive meat option at the grocery store this week, to roast not only 1, but 2 chickens. It took no more effort or time, as they were both in the oven at the same time. Plus, to the dismay of my husband, that means that two additional meals this week will be made with chicken.

And, to make the holiday's last one more day, I invited my parents & my sister over for dinner. Madaline decided we should use the "good" plates out of the hutch and I did take a few moments to marvel at the faces of my family around my dining room table. Happiness, just happiness in its purest form.

And, with that....here's

This Week's Menu:

Roast Chicken with gravy
Cornbread Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans

Cheddar BBQ Burgers
Crispy Crowns

RE-DO Recipe
Crock Pot Chicken Soup


RE-DO Recipe
Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice Bake


Baked Potato Soup

Meatloaf w/ gravy
Roasted New Potatoes


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  1. Looks Great!! Both Sunday menus have my mouth watering;0) Thanks for sharing.