RE-DO Recipe: Slow Cooked Chicken Soup w/ Mini Ravioli's

I like simple food. Food that warms your soul. Food that makes the drama of the day just melt away. And, even more so, I like food that is eaten, without any form bribery, by a certain 3 year old little girl.

This soup surely fits the bill. It simmers all day long in the crock pot. It used up what was left of the oven roasted chicken we'd had Tuesday night for dinner. I always have stock in my pantry and several varieties of cream of {fill in the blank} soup. All I had to purchase for this soup was the mini ravioli's, carrots & celery. And, the only reason I purchased the mini ravioli's is that I had a $1 off coupon for Wegman's Specialty refrigerated pasta. Also, I try to do a either a crock pot meal or something extremely easy on Wednesday. As it never goes with out fail that Wednesdays are just crazy days for me at work. But, as the clocked ticked down towards 5pm I took comfort in knowing that after I picked up Madaline from daycare I didn't have to scramble home to make dinner. Dinner would be waiting for me. Oh - and was it ever! The yummy aroma wafting from this pot of slow cooked goodness starting tickling my nose as soon as we stepped onto the back porch. And, by the time I had my key in the door my mouth was watering.
And, as if there was some weird gravitation pull in the kitchen, I'd barely set our bags down before the smells of dinner sucked me towards the far end of the kitchen. I did manage to stop momentarily at the fridge to grab the mini ravioli's. Operating on sensory overload, I took the lid off the crock pot to dump in the pasta and was instantly greeted with a a chicken soup facial. Ahhhhh.......20 minutes later - Enough time to have cooked the mini raviolis through, change my cloths, slice a loaf of Italian bread, and hastily set the table, Madaline I were sitting down to dinner.
"Ohhh..MOMMY, CARROTS"..."Ohhhh....MOMMY, 'itle pastas"...."Ohhh...MOMMY, celery"..."Mommy - can I have another piece of bread"
(*sigh* my kid is such a carb junkie)
I think it is safe to say that this one is a keeper!

Slow Cooked Chicken Soup w/ Ravioli's

1 1/4 pounds of cooked chicken *
1 26oz carton of chicken STOCK (not broth! STOCK)
2 stalk of celery, chopped**
1 cup of baby carrots, each carrot cut into thirds
1 can of Cream of {something}***
1 16 oz package for fresh/refrigerated mini cheese filled raviolis****

Mix stock and Cream of {something} in a 3-4 quart crock pot until combined. Add celery, carrots and cooked chicken. Cook on a low for 8 - 10 hours. Turn slow cooker to High and stir in pasta 20 minutes (or until pasta is tender) before you are planning on serving.

*You can use chicken breast, boneless/skinless chicken thighs, or rotisserie chicken - totally your choice. We had Oven Roasted chicken Tuesday night for dinner, and so I just de-boned what was left and used it for this soup

**the original recipe I adapted this from also called for onions. I do not like onions. Not one bit, therefore it is not part of my recipe. If you are were going add onions {shudder} just add 1/2 cup or 1 medium sized onion*

*** I used Cream of Mushroom, but you could easily use Cream of Chicken, really Cream of Anything - just use what you have on hand.

****You can really use any pasta you would like. However I would make sure it was "fresh" or refrigerated pasta. However, if you are using frozen, just leave the bag in the fridge to defrost all day while the soup is cooking.



  1. Sounds great! I'll have to give it a whirl!

  2. Adding a few things to my shopping list now I can make this. :) I have a ton of leftover chicken right now since hubby was craving KFC last night.