Menu Plan Monday: September 20 - September 26th

Its getting to be that time of year again. The air is crisp. The leaves are changing to their pretty autumn hues. And, life overall is just sorta starts to slow down. I start to crave actual meals again. Something warm. Something hearty. Something more than cheese, crackers, fruit and veggies shared between Madaline and I because it is so darn hot outside.

And, so, once again, I start to get a wee bit more organized in regards to my meal planning. I take an inventory of what we have in the freezer, the pantry, what we had last week and plan away. Also, Daryl is home for dinner both Monday & Tuesday. Dinner on those days can tend to take a wee bit longer to prep/cook, since I don't have to pick Madaline up from daycare and then come home. Also, because we only get 2 days a week to sit down and eat as a family I try to make meals that just seem to scream and ooze "Family Dinner" to me.

This Week's Menu:


Shepard's Pie*
Fresh Italian Bread

Crispy Baked Chicken Breasts
Cheesy Ranch & Bacon Roasted Potatoes*
Green Beans

Crock Pot Pork BBQ on Bake off Biscuits
(the link is to the time I used Beef instead of pork. Either works really well, especially on any really cheap cut of beef or pork)



Typically we are on the go so much on the weekends and with Daryl working the late evening shift at the Diner, I don't plan actual meals for Saturday and Sunday. Daryl's too beat when he gets home to eat or its so late that he doesn't want to eat - that cooking dinner becomes a waste. So, we piece dinner together from what left in the fridge, do soup with grilled cheese or we have dinner at my parents

*recipes later this week

So, what are you having for dinner this week? Anything tasty? I'm always looking for new recipe ideas, so please share in the comments section. I'd appreciate it. Really. I would.

Oh - and stayed tuned - later this week I'm going to tell you how I feed my family of 3 for less than $50 every week! Yep - your eyes are not deceiving you - Less than $50 a week!!!!


  1. Just stopping by from Org Junkie. I would love your Wednesday Crock Pot meal with Bake Off Biscuits. Come see me at my Cottage. Thank You...

  2. I love using my crock pot!

    I made a ham hock and bean recipe for my slow carb diet and it turned out great!