Chicken and Broccoli and Rice! Oh My!

Chicken. Chicken can be a dirty word in our house.

My husband is NOT a fan of chicken. However, I force him to eat it at least ONCE a week. Because, well, nothing meat wise has been on sale and I only buy what ever meat is on sale. And, since nothing has been on sale, we have only been eating what is in the freezer. And all that was left in the freezer, was chicken.

That being said, there are a few chicken dishes my husband will eat. I make a mean chicken enchilada lasagna (coming soon) and a tasty pan full Chinese style of chicken and broccoli with rice (and yes, Olly, it's made with brown rice).

The package of chicken I took out of the freezer only had 3 chicken breast in it. They were HUGE. Plenty for this dish - because you are cutting the chicken into bite sized pieces. And there was plenty for the three of us for dinner plus dish of leftovers for my lunch later this week.

Now, back to the chicken - you want to cut it into bite sized pieces while you melt about 1/4 - 1/2 a stick of butter in a big deep sided pan on the stove. Add your chicken in one layer and leave it alone. We have talked about this before. Give it some time to get nice and brown and yummy. There is flavor in that browned goodness. Really. Trust me.

While you are waiting for your chicken to get brown, start cooking your favorite rice according to the package direction. I took the easy way out and used a boil in the bag brown rice. It only takes about 10 minutes to coo. I also took a short cut and used straight out of the freezer, steam right in the bag via the microwave, a 10 ounce package of broccoli cuts. You know what else? I also cheat and use bottled stir-fry sauce. The International Foods section of my local grocery store (Wegmans) carries a fantastic variety of Asian style sauces and condiments. Take a little help where you can get it. It's fine. Really. Trust me.

By the time you get all that going (your rice & your broccoli) - you can start moving your chicken around. Once my chicken is cooked through, I then added about 1 - 3 Tablespoons of the searing flour and allow it to get nice and toasty. Once that was done, I dumped in about 1/3 - 1/2 a cup (just eye balled it) of my Stir Fry sauce and a 1/3 of a cup of hot tap water. This is the time where you want to use the back of your wooden spoon and scrap all that yummy brown goodness off the bottom of your pan. Your taste-buds will thank you for it.

I let is all bubble away on the stove - adding the broccoli when it is done and then the rice once it finishes cooking. I let it cook together a few minutes so all the flavors and ingredients can get nice and cozy with each other.

Then, all I do is spoon it on a plate, call Madaline to the table and

Dinner is served.


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  1. hmmmm...never heard of pan searing flour....I prepare a lot of "stir fry" types of things with some kind of protein (no meat please!)....I wonder if spelt flour would work the same way......