For the LOVE of Frosting

The fact that my daughter decorated cookies.....lots, and lots and LOTS of cookies kind of got lost in the mix of me turning 29+3. These cookies are divine. They are light and flaky, soft and buttery. Everything you would ever wanted in a Sugar cookie. However, they are made from a recipe that has been in the family for years. A recipe that I hope to someday have access to. So, please, don't ask me for the recipie, because, NO, I will NOT share it, and I don't even have it. Perhaps some day my Dad will share it with me. Until then, I am content to let him bake these Sugericious cookies.

I think she really ate more frosting then she put on the cookies.

But, really, Who Care?

And, believe it or not, its been almost 2 weeks since she did this, and it's still something she chatters about.

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  1. YUM!

    Please tell your dad to put the recipe in a safe place that you can find. You never know what can happen and it'd be a shame for that recipe to go to his grave with him.