Apple Cake w/ Powdered Sugar Glaze

Madaline and I picked 30lb of apples. I have been baking with apples like crazy lately. And, this cake, THIS CAKE ROCKS!!!

So - you need to gather up your ingredients and usually everything I bake, gets mixed my RED Kitchen Aid stand mixer. (Yes, I love my mixer so much I would have babies with it if I could)

The recipe only call for 3 cups of applies. I figured 5 good sized apples would do the trick - It didn't matter to me if it came out to be more than three cups.

And, of course, what cake is not complete without some butter AND cream cheese?

Cream that yummy goodness together, and try not to take a spoon and start eating it - especially after you add in the flour and other dry ingredients.

(please excuse the photo quality - that corner in my kitchen is a bit dark)

After you get everything mixed together, then you need to fold in your chopped up apples

And, after you pour this applely (is that even a word?) batter in your greased spring form pan, recruit your toddler to cover the entire top of the cake with cinnamon sugar

And, after it came out of the oven, I thought it looked a little naked, so, I made a simple powdered sugar glaze..

And, then it didn't look so naked anymore...

It looked good enough to eat..


  1. OH my heck! That looks fabulous!

    I might end up picking apples here in a couple weeks and I will definitely make this.

  2. "Yes, I love my mixer so much I would have babies with it if I could"

    Had I been eating anything I would have snorted it through my nose.

    There had better be a piece of that for me and Em when we come on Sunday (weather cooperating)

  3. Looks great. May I correct an error? You wrote: "The recipe only call for 3 cups of applies. I figured 5 good sized..."; should read:

    "The recipe only calls for 3 cups of apples. I figured 5 good-sized..."

  4. I might bake this for my mother's bday cause she loves apple cakes but isn't a fan of cheese. Does the cream cheese have an overpowering taste, will she realize there's cream cheese in it?

  5. Sharon - No - the cream cheese is more to keep it moist. Playing a very similar role that sour cream might play in a coffee cake or pound cake.