Apple Cake w/ Powdered Sugar Glaze

Madaline and I picked 30lb of apples. I have been baking with apples like crazy lately. And, this cake, THIS CAKE ROCKS!!!

So - you need to gather up your ingredients and usually everything I bake, gets mixed my RED Kitchen Aid stand mixer. (Yes, I love my mixer so much I would have babies with it if I could)

The recipe only call for 3 cups of applies. I figured 5 good sized apples would do the trick - It didn't matter to me if it came out to be more than three cups.

And, of course, what cake is not complete without some butter AND cream cheese?

Cream that yummy goodness together, and try not to take a spoon and start eating it - especially after you add in the flour and other dry ingredients.

(please excuse the photo quality - that corner in my kitchen is a bit dark)

After you get everything mixed together, then you need to fold in your chopped up apples

And, after you pour this applely (is that even a word?) batter in your greased spring form pan, recruit your toddler to cover the entire top of the cake with cinnamon sugar

And, after it came out of the oven, I thought it looked a little naked, so, I made a simple powdered sugar glaze..

And, then it didn't look so naked anymore...

It looked good enough to eat..


Thanking Thursday

(Been a while, I know. Lemme see if I can remember how to do this while I procrastinate on my history paper a little more....)

A Few of my Favorites....

+Surprising a certain little girl at her daycare

+Monster Cookies made with TTB love

+Having a Starbucks on campus

+Sitting on the hill and watching soccer accompanied by a sibling

+Being the only girl on the field

+Being healthy

+Feeling good after an organic chemistry exam

+Thank Goonness tomorrow is Friday

+When my sister "borrows" my Focus so that hers and mine can have a playdate

+A mix of Yahoo! music videos to help me write my paper due, of course, tomorrow.